GCCCE joined the "Exchange of Best Papers" program


  The Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education (GCSCE) joined the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE) (https://alliancelss.com/) in September 2022. IAALDE is a global alliance of academic exchanges established in 2017. It currently includes 12 international educational technology societies as group members (ISLS, AI-ED, ST&D, IEDMS, EATEL, SoLAR, L@S, ATIEF, SIG EDU, ASLERD, and APSCE).

  When IAALDE was established in 2017, its main activity was the "Exchange of Best Papers" program. Each year each member society will identify the Best Paper from its own conference and provide fiscal and logistic support for one of the authors of that paper to attend the conference of another IAALDE member and re-publish and present the work there in a designated track. The original member societies should give part of the funding to the award-winning authors. In recent years, the alliance has added or plans to add more exchange or promotion activities, such as holding forums at specific academic conferences, organizing online forums to promote educational technology practice concepts to the public, jointly writing educational technology promotion and popular science articles, and holding exchange activities for young scholars.

  Therefore, starting from the GCCCE 2023, the winner of the best Chinese research paper award each year will receive a GCSCE grant of no more than 1,000 US dollars, and one of the authors of the winning paper will participate in the selection process. The academic conference will share the winning papers in English. We earnestly hope that more scholars, experts and students will submit papers and participate in GCCCE, so as to strive for the unique quota for each GCCCE and open up new opportunities for academic exchanges. In addition, we also expect GCCCE to welcome the authors of award-winning papers from other academic conferences to participate in our conferences and integrate into our community every year.