The objectives of the Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education (GCSCE) are:
(1)To enhance awareness, advance knowledge, and promote the conduct and dissemination of research employing the use of information, computing, and communication technologies in education that reflects the characteristics of Chinese language, culture and education in the global Chinese community;
(2) To organize the Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (henceforth GCCCE) conference series;
(3) To organize and administer the Journal of Computers in Education (JCE).


GCCCE joined the "Exchange of Best Papers" program by IAALDE

The Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education (GCSCE) joined the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE) ( in September 2022. IAALDE is a global alliance of academic exchanges established in 2017. It currently includes 12 international educational technology societies as group members (ISLS, AI-ED, ST&D, IEDMS, EATEL, SoLAR, L@S, ATIEF, SIG EDU, ASLERD, and APSCE).

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