Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 1997, the Global Chinese Society on Computers in Education (GCSCE) has been one of the most influential communities in the global Chinese Society with the strong commitment to provide the platform to enhance the application of computers, information and communication technology in education. “GCSCE Lifetime Achievement Award” is designed to formally recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that the winner has put into their researches to make a positive contribution in this field especially to the global Chinese community.

GCSCE Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
2013 Prof. Jianxiang Lin

2013: Prof. Jianxiang Lin

honour Lin Prof. Jianxiang Lin retired from Graduate School of Education,Peking University. He has served as the head of the Computer-Assisted Instruction Laboratory in Peking University and as Vice-Chairman of Computer Based Education Society. He directed conferences such as CAI91, the Sixth CBE Annual Meeting, and ICCE1998. Prof. Lin always proactively participates in the research of E-learning even now after retirement. Prof. Lin devoted himself in the research of technology enhanced learning, his outstanding research achievement and dedication are worth learning by all of us.