Host Conference Themes Proceedings
GCCCE2022 National Tsing Hua University
East China Normal University
The Education University of Hong Kong
in online mode
Transitioning to the “New Normal” of e-Learning Download
GCCCE2021 The Education University of Hong Kong
Beijing Normal University
Taiwan Normal University
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
in blended mode
Reimagine Computers in Education Download
GCCCE2020 Northwest Normal University Innovation and Reform on Technology Empowering Education Download
GCCCE2019 Central China Normal University Prospective wisdom of science and technology and humanities Download
GCCCE2018 South China Normal University From ‘Educational Innovation’ to ‘Innovation Education’ Download
GCCCE2017 Beijing Normal University The Education Reform in the Era of "Internet Plus" Download
GCCCE2016 Hong Kong Institute of Education Learning and Teaching in the Big Data Era Download
GCCCE2015 National Central University 21st Century Core Competencies Download
GCCCE2014 East China Normal University Intelligent technology, Smart Learning: The New Landscape of Educational Technology Download
GCCCE2013 Peking University Linking Knowing and Doing - Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice Download
GCCCE2012 Tainan University Global Community, Cloud Computing Download
GCCCE2011 Zhejiang University ICT-based Educational Innovation Download
GCCCE2010 Nanyang Technological University Towards a New Era of Knowledge Creation Download
GCCCE2009 Taiwan Normal University The Cooperation and Promotion of Chinese e-Learning World Download
GCCCE2008 Michigan State University ICT and Educational Globalization
GCCCE2007 South China Normal University Research in IT and Education: a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective Download
GCCCE2006 Tsinghua University Beijing Research and Practice on IT in Education
GCCCE2005 Brigham Young University – Hawai
GCCCE2004 The Chinese University of Hong Kong IT Education: The way forward Download
GCCCE2001 National Central University Creation of Chinese cyberspace Download